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Catergory: Slash
Fandom: RPF
Pairing: Christian Bale/Aaron Eckhart
Word count: 1635
Rating: Adult
Disclaimer: Not real, folks.
Notes: Written for insane journal's May porn battle for the prompt 'no nudity clause'.

Aaron made his way across the quiet filming lot toward the cluster of trailers on the far side, smiling and nodding at departing crew members passing him by. It was that strange winding down time; the steady shift between encouraged make believe slipping away to impending reality that always left him slightly unsettled. Well that and the fact of whose trailer door he was tapping on, and he definitely wasn't going to go down that road of thought right now. Leave it to later; when he's tucked up in his hotel bed with just his overactive imagination and his moving hand aiding and abetting him to sleep.

'It's open,' a non distinctive American accent called out, tired and muffled. Aaron pulled open the door and stepped in, just in time to see Christian pulling a long sleeved t-shirt down over himself, catching the briefest glimpse of bare midriff before it was covered up. Aaron froze at the sight, singeing it to memory to relive over and over again later.

'Hey,' Christian nodded in greeting, picking up a nearby towel and scrubbing at damp hair. Aaron took advantage of Christian's distraction and gave him a quick once over, biting down on his tongue hard when he noticed the other man's bare feet. He was suddenly grateful that he didn't have any scenes with a half undressed Bale; Caine being the only one bestowed with that particular honour this time round. Bastard.

Christian glanced over, eyebrow raised in question.

'Some of us are heading on out for a drink, if you're interested,' Aaron finally managed to say, amazed and grateful that at least some parts of his body were still under his tenuous control even when other parts were threatening mutiny.

Christian paused, seriously considering it. Aaron held his breath and watched him closely, tamping down a nervous stab of hope but then the darker haired man shook his head, leaving him deflated.

'It's bloody tempting,' Christian replied, unconsciously slipping into his native vernacular, 'but I've got fight scenes all day tomorrow, need to keep a clear head.'

'Well, if you change your mind,' Aaron trailed off, turning to leave.

'You in tomorrow?' Christian asked, finger combing his towel dried hair.

Aaron paused, hiding his surprise at the seemingly casual question.

'Yeah. Not filming; doing another test run on the Two Face make up.'

'Rather you than me,' Christian grimaced as he moved closer, hand idly trailing under his top, scratching loosely at the taut, toned belly underneath and exposing a maddening sliver of sleek, pale skin.

Aaron desperately pulled his gaze away from the roving hand and shrugged with as much nonchalance as he could muster, forcing words past his thickening tongue.

'Yeah, well, goes with the territory and all that,' he replied, breath hitching and cheeks on fire as Christian absently pushed his hand further up under his top, causing it to bunch up and reveal inch upon inch of perfect, soap scented flesh with a gloriously dark treasure trail disappearing down into the hem of his low slung sweat pants.

Mouth dry, Aaron stared, vaguely aware of Bale's retort of 'Yeah, speaking of which,' then let out a startled yelp as Bale clapped his free hand on Aaron's shoulder and forced him down with brute strength to his knees; the unexpected impact jarring through every tensed muscle in his body.

Aaron spread his sore knees in an effort to gain some much needed balance, stretching his pants even tighter over his burgeoning erection, eyes glued to Christian's hand still trailing softly over warm, bare skin. He moved to free himself but Christian just gripped his shoulder tighter and even one handed, Aaron knew Christian had the advantage in terms of sheer strength. He sucked in a deep breath and spoke, hynotised by the invisible patterns Bale's free hand was tracing on himself so tantalisingly near.

'W-what are you doing?' he stammered, cock straining against the fly of his pants.

'Just giving you what you want,' Christian replied with a conviction bordering on smug.

Aaron closed his eyes, willing away the hot flush of need seizing hold of him. 'And you're so sure this is what I want, huh?' he challenged, lifting his gaze to glare at the other man.

Christian smiled. 'You want me to stop?' he asked, pulling his hand away from himself and easing his grip on Aaron's shoulder. Aaron squirmed and whined low in his throat; the shame of being rumbled nowhere near enough to stop him from pleading, 'No!'

Bale's answering smirk was beautifully galling, wringing one last drop from the dregs of Aaron's defiance.

'Most people would be flattered y'know,' he spat, expression craven at the renewed sight of exposed skin.

'Who says I'm not?' Christian answered, sliding his hand from Aaron's shoulder to his nape. 'But you should know, apart from when it's required for a role, me getting naked is not a foregone conclusion to just be taken for granted.' Bale squeezed the kneeling man's neck. 'But then, if you're jonesing that badly to see me butt naked you only have to look through my back catalogue,' he taunted, pushing his hand up to stroke and pinch at his own nipple, still hidden by the soft cotton of his t-shirt.

Aaron closed his eyes and felt another wave of shame sting his cheeks. Oh, he'd already gone down that avenue, and how! Since filming had begun, he had already exhausted Bale's back catalogue to the nth degree; mentally compiling his own personal reel of highlights that had repeatedly culminated in a sore wrist and even sorer cock night after night. He felt a pulse of pre-cum staining his crotch at the memories and clenched his fists.

'It's not the same,' he finally gritted out, eyes only opening at the feel of Bale's hand gripping his jaw and tilting his chin up.

'I know,' Christian smirked, 'but I'm not inflexible so why don't you open that pretty little mouth of yours and give me good reason to reconsider,' he suggested, pushing the front of his sweat pants down and guiding his stiff cock between Aaron's already parted lips.

Aaron gasped and flattened his tongue against the underside of Christian's shaft and began to suck hard, moaning softly at the taste and heft sliding back and forth in his mouth and nudging the back of his throat. Hands tightened painfully in his blonde locks as his mouth was fucked steadily, just shy of being choked. Christian was murmuring soft words of encouragement with every stroke, telling him to 'take it all... yeah, swallow it down like a good cocksucker, like the whore you are,' so Aaron duly obliged, gripping Christian's hips and pushing him further down his throat, cutting off his air.

'Fuck!' Christian gasped and then began to speed up his thrusts until moments later his hips spasmed and he emptied himself down Aaron's willing throat.

Coughing and swallowing down his gag reflex along with the cum, Aaron breathed hard as Christian finally pulled back to brush his cock head over spit-slicked lips before slowly trailing it down Aaron's chin to press it firmly into the trademark dimple, the action provoking a soft hiss from them both.

Aaron relunctantly let go his hold on Christian as the other man tucked himself back in, watching him with a quiet intensity. He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and stared up at the man above him, questioning, cock leaking and twitching; the damp patch between his legs growing to embarrassing proportions.

'Hmmm, maybe next time,' Christian crowed, cutting off Aaron's impending protest with a bare foot pressed hard against the straining bulge in the kneeling man's pants, rubbing the sole firmly up and down over the slick, wet material. Aaron arched up hard into the touch, head snapping down immediately to watch, teeth clenched against the sheer perverted pleasure, silently cursing Bale for his perfect sense of balance; not the slightest tremble or wobble to be seen in the anchoring leg as he pistoned his naked foot back and forth. Fucker.

Aaron dug his fingers into the carpet and held on, moaning, the soft, woven fibres embedding themselves under his nails as he rolled his hips to push back into Christian's flexing sole, the smooth rhythm quickly turning stacatto. Then Bale started talking again and Aaron knew he wouldn't last much longer.

'Such a shameless whore,' he breathed, 'so hungry for it, even my bare foot is enough to get you off, isn't it, slut?'

Aaron closed his eyes, a wanton groan of shame dying in the tight ring of his throat.

Christian ground his foot down harder, the words coming out rough and strained.

'Next time... next time, it won't be my foot, it will be my hand... and then it really will be skin on skin...'

The last three words penetrated the haze and then Aaron jerked violently, crying out, hips thrusting erratically as be spilled his seed into already abused cloth. Christian kept his foot pressed down firmly until Aaron's body stilled then squirmed under the weight.

The pressure gone, Aaron gradually gathered his shattered senses to himself and slowly looked up, skin warm and flushed, sleepy eyed and sated. Christian was staring at him, the colour high in his cheeks, breath coming fast and hard. A small glimmer of triumph snowballed within Aaron until his eyes were twinkling with their usual devil may care.

'So, no nudity first time,' he breezed. 'Do I at least get tongue?'

Christian swooped down lightening fast and captured Aaron's mouth in a searing hot kiss. Aaron kissed back fervently and held on tight to Christian's arms; held on to them, the moment and the blistering promise of what was yet to come.

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